The Mighty Merc – DVD Player mount

Before heading out west, it seemed like a good idea to figure out a way to hold our portable DVD player for the kids. While I’m not really a fan of letting the kids veg out, I am REALLY not a fan of listening to tired whiny kids for 18 hours, so I made the concession to make the DVD player available to them during our long highway burn. But the way that the mount was made makes it easy to break it down and stow it once we arrived at our destination. Continue reading The Mighty Merc – DVD Player mount

The Mighty Merc – Tablet Mount

After having the benefit of on board GPS with my old PN-20, I knew I wanted another GPS solution in the Mercury. Preferably with a much larger screen than my old PN-20. The simple solution was to find some ‘cheap’ tablet with built in GPS which I could run a mapping app on. The extra flexibility of the Tablet means that I can also use it to extend my MP3 storage and run other applications like Torque.

I settled on a 7” Samsung Tab A tablet which fits in the area I wanted to perfectly and is more than large enough to allow me to read the screen while moving, even when splitting the screen and running Torque on one half and the Mapping Software on the other. Continue reading The Mighty Merc – Tablet Mount

The Mighty Merc – Front Locker Woes

Bit of a chicken or the egg situation I had going on with my front Spartan Locker. I’m not entirely sure what failed first, but, lots of stuff broke… kind of.

This issue was a bit of a pain to track down an started on our last CO nearly a year ago, and was slowly getting worse. Everything would check fine when it was cold, but after being on the trail for a bit, the front locker would start acting more like a spool, and when it did unlock, it was very violently. Even with just the hubs locked in, running around in 2wd, the front would do all kinds of nasty things. Continue reading The Mighty Merc – Front Locker Woes