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    Explore the Devil’s Honeycomb on Hughes Mountain Natural Area in Potosi, MO

    This hike is one of Missouri’s most unique. When I post photos from this spot online, people are often surprised to learn that such a place exists in Missouri. Now you can know about the unusual landscape and beautiful views from this easy and kid friendly hike. The trail’s main feature is the rock formation at the top known as Devil’s Honeycomb. The landscape was created as molten rock cracked and cooled. This same type of rock is what makes up Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.…

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    Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, Missouri

    One of our favorite places to hike near St. Louis is the Shaw Nature Reserve. Only about 30 min from the city, it feels a world away. The Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis purchased the reserve land as a safe refuge for the plant collection from the smoke pollution of the 1920s. It has developed into a wonderful site to explore and view wildlife as well as view plants and habitat native to the Missouri region. The trails range from an easy paved stroll…

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    Klondike Park Hike 1-20-18

    Augusta, MO After suffering a bit of cabin fever, the weather broke and allowed us to get out this past weekend for a bit of a hike. This was the boy’s first “Big Boy” hike and he managed to hike the full two miles all by himself. He had a few falls, but overall it went very well! We decided to head out to Klondike Park in St. Charles County. The park is unique in that is located on the site of an old silica…

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    Johnson’s Shut-ins 10/27/15

    We loaded up and headed down to Johnson Shut-ins to do some easy hiking with the boy and the recently discharged wife. This was our first trip in the ‘new-to-us’ adventure mobile (’08 Mazda5). We were fully expecting the thing to be a penalty box, but it is actually a hoot to drive and it pulls down great MPG’s driving dumb:

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    Valley View Glades – 5-16-16

    We ran off to Valley View Glades to keep working on getting our hiking legs under us again. The kids handled the trip well, and the little girl didn’t scream the whole way for a change! While it was a bit cool on Saturday, the valleys were pleasant, but the views were a bit windy: Some water was flowing:

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    St. Francois Park Mooner’s Hollow Hike 5-2-16

    Since the weather was so nice, we headed out to hike Mooners Hollow in St. Fracois Park in MO. The boy was ready for more adventure: This was the first time the little girl got to ride in her pack for a decent hike. She didn’t really care for it, but eventually settled down: The boy plum wore himself out just riding along: