Our first west trip – Colorado 2009

After several years of marriage, home ownership, and general financial stability, we were finally able to make our first trip out west. This trip started a long term trend of us making a yearly trek to some western state to see Gods beauty first hand.

Now some folks seem to think that you need quite a bit of cash and a fancy vehicle to see all the beauty in the mountains. We were able to disprove that thought process as we made the trip there and back in a 1992 Cherokee that cost all of $2,000 bucks.

The following is a copy from our post on the SIJA forum and was written as we were experiencing it. I’ve gone through and fixed some of the context errors, but I’m sure there is more in there. Enjoy!


The wife and I are currently playing out in CO (CO Springs area right now) but Tink was kind enough to point us in the right (I hope) direction for some easy wheeling in my DD so we’ll be branching out some..

Yes, the $2k XJ made it all the way out to CO without incident. (other than its usual knocking and lifter ticking) Which means It’ll probably strand us on a dang mountain 😯 Only issue so far is that the A/C is overcooling (blowing below 20*f going by thermometer I have which causes the outside of the HVAC box inside the cab to frost up). That incident led my wife to wake up with wet feet while going through KS! Continue reading Our first west trip – Colorado 2009

Interlake 3-28-15, The TJ’s 2nd ORT

We took the Cookie Cutter TJ on it’s second Off-Road Trip with the boy.  This trip turned out to be a pretty good mud test for the new tires.  With all the rain the prior week, it was a wee bit sloppy, though not as sloppy as I feared it would be.  The boy was ready to go bright and early:
Sara L.: 2nd ORT Interlake 3-28-15 &emdash;

Sara L.: 2nd ORT Interlake 3-28-15 &emdash;

Continue reading Interlake 3-28-15, The TJ’s 2nd ORT