The Mighty Merc – HP60 and 14 Bolt Refresh

These are some of the ‘jewels’ of this build. While likely overkill for what I’ll wind up doing with this rig, I at least won’t have to worry (much) about something failing in one of them.

The Dana 60 is a leftover from the Ranger part out. It had about 50,000 miles put on it since it was installed in that truck. It was built with 4.88’s, Spartan locker, high steer, and the typical GM steering setup. You can read about its original build here (Click Me) and the Reid knuckle upgrade here (Click Me).

The 14 bolt was installed in the Ranger at the same time the D60 was. Just your typical setup with ’77 K20 disc brakes, Yukon locker, and 4.88’s as well. You can read about that original build here (Click Me).

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