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    Take a Trail Through Time at Pickle Springs Natural Area in Missouri

    If you are looking for a short and family friendly trail that still packs a scenic punch then Pickle Springs Natural Area in southeastern Missouri is a must see. Located about an hour south of St. Louis, The Trail Through Time path is a quick 2 mile loop hike through a variety of rugged and interesting geographical features. Quick being a retaliative term when hiking with kids and so much to discover! When we last hiked the trail over the summer, we managed to cover…

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    Valley View Glades – 5-16-16

    We ran off to Valley View Glades to keep working on getting our hiking legs under us again. The kids handled the trip well, and the little girl didn’t scream the whole way for a change! While it was a bit cool on Saturday, the valleys were pleasant, but the views were a bit windy: Some water was flowing:

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    St. Francois Park Mooner’s Hollow Hike 5-2-16

    Since the weather was so nice, we headed out to hike Mooners Hollow in St. Fracois Park in MO. The boy was ready for more adventure: This was the first time the little girl got to ride in her pack for a decent hike. She didn’t really care for it, but eventually settled down: The boy plum wore himself out just riding along:

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    Shaw Nature Reserve 4/21/16

    We kicked off the 2016 “hiking” season this past weekend with a trip to Shaw Nature Preserve in Gray Summit MO. I say “hiking” as we mostly stayed on the easy trails as we toted the 3 wheel stroller around the park, but there were several off-road sections we (dumbly) dragged it through. Couple of random photos: This was one of the less friendly jogging stroller parts, there were a few others on the River Trail that were even messier, but we made it through!…

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    Castor River Shut-in 8-18-14

    We ran down to the Castor River Shut-Ins to look around on Sunday, taking the back way in on the rock roads and dodging the rain the best we could: And for another rare sight, I don’t recall the last time I saw a Tin Top running down the road:

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    Valley View Glades 8-11-14

    With all the rain recently we were hoping to finally catch some flowing water at Valley View Glades this weekend. But no dice. Apparently you have to be down there while it’s raining to actually see the waterfalls in action. We rode down in the lap of luxury: