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    The Mighty Merc – 9th Off Road Trip At The Badlands 4/6/19 – Part 1

    We’ve been a bit overdue for a weekend trip, so when the option for a trip out to the Badlands came up, the opportunity was seized to make a long weekend out of it. Coming off the high from finally get lots of things sorted on the Merc, we were ready to start putting some miles on it to find out what the next round of maintenance needed to be. I can safely say this is the nicest the truck has driven in a long…

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    The Mighty Merc – 9th Off Road Trip At The Badlands

    After an excellent day prior exploring and hiking around the Parke county area (Turkey Run Visit, and Covered Bridge Exploration), I was anxious to get to our next stop on the Trip. That being The Badlands Off Road Park in Attica Indiana. It had been awhile since we were out here last (2013 trip in The Lone Ranger) so I was curious to see how much the park had changed in 4 years.

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    The Mighty Merc – 8th Off Road Trip at Flat Nasty Off-Road 12/1/18

    With a little goading from my internet friends, I made the trek down to Flat Nasty with another friend riding shotgun whom had never been off-roading before. It was great to meet up with a group of people that I have only spoken with online and it wise nice to be around people that have a similar philosophy in off-roading. There was definitely a bit of a mind warp so see so many pretty full sized trucks the mix. Unfortunately Bray and I wound up…

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    The Mighty Merc – 7th ORT – Flat Nasty Off Road 7-28-18

    Now that construction is complete on the new place (well.. mostly) we felt well overdue for a trip to the woods. A friend picked a weekend at Flat Nasty, so we loaded up and rolled out. The kids were very excited to get to the park as ever since we had mentioned “Going to the Woods” a few days prior, they kept asking if it was time to go yet:

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    The Mighty Merc – 6th ORT – Flat Nasty Off Road 2-10-18

    Yes, 6th trip. I only took one photo from the 5th trip out so you’ll just have to use your imagination on that one! After a few stops on the way down to scrape off the windshields from the freezing rain we encountered, we arrived at Flat Nasty to find that we had the park nearly to ourselves. Apparently not many goofballs want to brave the cold and freezing rain to go play on the rocks! Given that it was dang cold, and I was…

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    3rd ORT at Flat Nasty 8-12-17

    The first trip out in the Merc with both kids in tow was a success! So hopefully we can work on getting out more frequently than we have been. We spend the better part of the day on the “Tourist” loop in consideration for the younger folks that were with us, but we still managed to play on a few things here and there: There were a couple of pit stops to let the kits out to wiggle. It was fun to watch them get…