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We are so glad you are interested in working we us. Our family of four enjoys discovering outdoor adventures, unique attractions and must-see destinations throughout the United States. We would be honored to partner with your destination, tourism board, or brand to develop a mutually beneficial campaign.

Reasons to work with us

Content Creation

  • Experience in creating high-quality content including blog posts, photography, and videos
  • Ability to showcase destinations in an authentic and engaging way
  • Focus on promoting family-friendly destinations and adventures
  • A variety of UCG options for all needs and budgets

Social Media Campaigns

  • Extensive social media following on Instagram and Facebook
  • Over 103,000 followers on Facebook and 29,000 on Instagram
  • Reach of over 1.3 million across both platforms

Destination Marketing Campaigns

  • Our favorite campaigns focus on traveling to new places and sharing those destinations to our followers through social media posts, videos, and blog posts
  • A variety of package options are available for promotion across multiple platforms


  • Over 15 years of photography skills to capture the beauty of destinations
  • High-quality images for use in marketing materials and social media campaigns
  • Photo licensing to allow you to use our photos in your own marketing
  • 99% of the photos featured on our blog and social media were photographed by our family

Affiliate Links

  • Expertise in creating affiliate links to generate revenue for destinations and brands
  • Ability to drive traffic and increase sales for partners

Sponsored Posts

  • Experience in creating sponsored content that aligns with brand messaging
  • Ability to reach a large and engaged audience of family travel enthusiasts
  • Guest writer services for your own blog or website with a focus on family travel or outdoor adventure

Past Partnerships

A sampling of the destinations and brands we have worked with can be seen below.

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