1999 Jeep Wrangler

I thought I was done with Jeeps, I really did.  But here we are again, with yet another Jeep in our midst:

Sara L.: Build and Misc. &emdash;

We are slowly improving it’s cookie cutter nature:
Sara L.: Build and Misc. &emdash;
This thing is a work in progress, so check back often as we continue to improve it’s cookie cutter nature:

As purchased Specs:
1999 TJ SE (Bare bones to the core)
88k Miles
2.5 Manual, 231 with a 2 low in it.
D30/D44 Geared 4.88 with an Ox in the front, and open rear
33” Truxus MT’s
Too much lift (about 4.5” with Teraflex arms)
Sway bar Disco’s
Smittybuilt front bumper, home brew rear bumper
MML with MORE motor mounts, Belly skid by Dirty Fab.
2” Body Lift
Weighs in at 3,700 lbs with a half tank of fuel road ready without passengers

Current Specs:
D30/D44 Geared 4.88 with an Ox in the front, and open rear
35×12.50r15 Cooper STT’s
Home brew stubby front winch bumper with XRC8 winch and synthetic line
1” MML spacers using stock mounts (MORE Mounts vibrated to bad with the 4 banger for my taste)
Rear bumper in the works
Weight 4k lbs (no people/tools)

The plan:
I’ve never intended to be the biggest, baddest, guy on the block with my builds, and this one is no different. I just tend to go with what catches my fancy. Right now it is Low COG TJ’s that are that fancy. I am going to try to keep this thing somewhat lightweight as well, or at least lighter than my 6,500 lb truck

This will be setup to handle road time as I still don’t have a trailer, and I want to be able to keep it as a back up Daily Driver for when one of my other clunkers kicks out. It will also be setup for flat towing as I’m betting I can get the family to come out more often if the 2 hour highway rides to the park are more comfortable for them (no A/C in the TJ). Plus, if this winds up being the only wheeler, it would be nice to flat tow it out west rather than drive it. We’ve made that trip before in a Soft Top, and I don’t think the wife is up for that again :lol:

So in no particular order, here’s the rough game plan:

35’s (Cooper STT’s)
Add on cage of some sort (looking at BTF for the front)
Pull some lift out of it, shooting for 2-3” or less, and trim as needed
Set up for flat towing (Done)
Tire carrier for the 35” tire (Done)
Winch, and new front bumper (Done)
3 link and stretch the front 2-3”
Beef up the steering with either ZJ stuff or GM stuff. (Done)
Rock the axle combo that’s in it now until the D30 gives me too much trouble to be worth it
Get some more gearing with a trans swap, or doubler setup, or both.
Dedicated and secure tool storage
Possibly do something with the rear (No stretch, but maybe a 4 link, or leaf swap).
I’ve never wheeled at night, but for some reason I have a desire to put some rock lights on this thing :lol:




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