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Quick and dirty axle storage stand

It seems like I’m always collecting parts around my garage. Some of the larger items that tend to hang out are axles. As of the time of this writing, I have a Dana 60 and 14 bolt that came out of The Lone Ranger waiting for their next home to appear. In the mean time I needed to get them in a position to take up less of my valuable real estate in the garage.

So I started with another pile of scrap metal:
Sara L.: Emerald Green Garage &emdash;

Hacked and whacked some parts together, and played with my small welding/fab cart to get the legs together:
Sara L.: Emerald Green Garage &emdash;

After some precarious work with a jack, I wrestled the axles into their new home:
Sara L.: Emerald Green Garage &emdash;

I’m pretty happy with how the stand turned out with the minimal amount of effort I have in it. Usually I wind up pitching these stands once the axles move around, but I think I’ll hold onto this set as they’re working out quite well.

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