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Kid sized work bench

As the kids get a bit bigger (Read – I don’t have to constantly watch them), they have been spending more and more time out in the garage with me “Helping Daddy”. They are often looking for things to play with and tend to steal every tool within reach and scatter them around the garage. It’s quite a bit of fun, though it often means I spend a bit of time looking for the missing tools or other “projects” they are working on.

After poking around on the internet a bit, and looking at my leftover lumber pile from building the house, I had an idea pop on my head for a small kids bench. So I spent a little time sketching up a 24″ Wide x 15″ Deep x 25″ Tall bench with pegboard:

A little time with Solid Edge over lunch one day got me a rough plan

So I headed off to the lumber rack in the basement and pulled out some 2″x4″ and 2″x6″ drops and proceeded to butcher them up a tad:

And assembled the base of the bench:

Magically, it turned out square and level!

A little more digging through my hidey hole netted me some peg board and some random Harbor Freight tools to get the kids started with some tools of their own:

The boy immediately took to his new work bench and laid claim on several of my tools as he stuck them in his tool box! So far, it appears that when I am missing a tool, I just need to go look for it over at the bench now instead of wandering around the whole garage! So I’m calling it a win!

Hard at work on at his new bench.

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