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    Flat Nasty 6-26-10 In the ’87 XJ

    This was another trip where I had hoped to wheel 2 days in a row, but once again this park foiled my attempts to do so. But that’s not to say I didn’t have quite a bit of fun before being drug back onto trailer at the end of the day. We had once again rented the cabin for the weekend and had a great time sitting hanging out after a day of wheeling. We traveled a decent amount of…

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    ORT to Washita MX 7-4-09

    This is part of a series of past Off Road Trips (ORT’s), in this case with the ’87 XJ.  Enjoy! A good day for wheeling, we covered about 11.5 miles in the park, and I still haven’t seen some of the parts of the park:

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    Our first west trip – Colorado 2009

    After several years of marriage, home ownership, and general financial stability, we were finally able to make our first trip out west. This trip started a long term trend of us making a yearly trek to some western state to see Gods beauty first hand. Now some folks seem to think that you need quite a bit of cash and a fancy vehicle to see all the beauty in the mountains. We were able to disprove that thought process as…

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    The ’92 XJ’s

    Through an odd twist of fate, I wound up owning two very similar 1992 Jeep Cherokee’s (XJ). The first ’92 I purchased as a commuter as I had sold off my of my commuter, a 2003 Dodge Neon. I wound up working closer to home with a new job, so fuel mileage wasn’t as big of a worry, plus with the sale of the Neon, we were able to finish paying off the wife’s car (no more car payments for…