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    We started out this trip with one last awesome breakfast at the Avon Cafe before bidding a tearful goodbye to my folks as this was the point where we parted ways for awhile. The kids were not happy about this separation from their beloved Nana and Papa. But we made it up to them by telling them that we were headed to a giant sandbox. That “sandbox” being the great state of Utah.

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    Today was a special, yet somewhat sad day. Special because we got to sneak out on a “no kids” hike in on this trip as we had some built in baby sitters. Sad, because we didn’t get to share the day with the kids. However, the plain truth is the kids are in that in-between stage of “too big to ride on our backs in hiking carriers, but not quite big enough to hike on their own for multi-mile high elevation hikes”. In the end,…

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    Day 4 found us up and early as usual. Our plan for the day was to take another trip down to Leadville (about 45 min from our hotel). We had a Twin Lakes boat ride and historic tour booked. On the way out there we made a quick detour to grab another photo of the ghost town of Gilman and take a closer look a the Red Cliff Bridge on Highway 24:

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    Favorite Family Hikes near St. Louis – Part 1, the Illinois side

    One of the questions I get asked the most is which hikes do I recommend in the St. Louis area, especially which hikes are good for kids. We are blessed with so many amazing hikes in the area, but I’m going to try and narrow it down to the ones I think give the best bang for your buck. I’m going to start with the Illinois side of the river as there are so many Missouri area hikes that it’s going to take me longer…

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    Climb Among the Giants at Missouri’s Elephant Rocks State Park

    I’ve been too busy to blog lately so this post is a couple weeks overdue but I want to take the time to share this hike. We consider this one of the best in Missouri and perfect for families. The park gets its name from the unique and massive granite boulders that stand on end like a train of circus elephants. The largest of these boulders, known as “Dumbo” is estimated to weight 680 tons! The oldest commercial granite quarry in the state operated here…

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    Waterfalls Views at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista, Arkansas

    Since we have family in northwest Arkansas, we make the trek to this region several times a year. Each trip we try to explore a different attraction. One of the highlights of our latest trip to the Natural State is the hidden gem of Tanyard Creek. The Tanyard Creek Nature Trail is located in Bella Vista, not far from the Missouri border. This beautiful trail was built by volunteers and donations to create a stunning slice of nature right in the middle of town. The…

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    Climb to Great Views at Salt Lick Point Trail in Illinois

    Salt Lick Point is a favorite hike of ours on the Illinois side of the metro area. This hike is located on a former quarry site in Valmeyer, Illinois. In fact you can even spy interesting old remainders of this site’s former life. The preserve consists of three different trails. We like to make a loop by hiking a portion of the Salt Lick Trail along the bluffs, continuing along on a section of the Newman Trail, and then completing the loop by hiking the…

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    Hike to Scenic Jackson Falls in Southern Illinois

    Shawnee National Forest, Illinois We’ve done a lot of hiking and exploring over the years and one of our favorite spots to spend a day is in the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois. While we have visited many scenic spots including Bell Smith Springs, Garden of the Gods, and Ferne Clyffe, we somehow had never made it over to Jackson Falls. I can’t believe we had missed this awesome trail for so long! The trail starts at a parking area not far from Bell…