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Garage Tips – Fuel Injector Cleaning at home

The Cookie Cutter TJ got a ‘new’ set of injectors thrown at it. I ditched the stock 53030778 Chrysler injectors for the Bosch 0208155703’s.
Sara L.: Build and Misc. &emdash;

I came across a little tip on cleaning out used injectors that worked pretty slick. You take a 5ml syringe, pull the plunger out, and stick a red stray in the other end. That straw will attach to you can of carb cleaner. Nab an injector harness from the junk yard and rig up a momentary switch to allow you to cycle the injector:
Sara L.: Build and Misc. &emdash;

With the injector “On”, you hold the syringe down while spraying carb cleaner through the injector. I was able to free up 2 of the stuck injectors this way, and clean them up enough to get a good spray pattern out of them again. So win!

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