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The Lone Ranger – BW1354 Yoke Swap

I wanted to ditch the flat flange found on the back of my 1354 for a more traditional yoke setup. This allows me to have a greater selection of drive shaft donor’s to make up my drive shafts. This is a pretty straight forward swap as the front and rear transfer case shafts are the same. So you can literally just pull a yoke off at the junk yard (if you can find one) and slap it on the back of your 1354.

To pull the yoke off, you’ll need a thin walled 30 mm socket. I actually had to grind on the socket some to get it to fit inside the yoke. Flange and Yoke side by side:
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

Some quick information on the rear output of the 1354. The shaft measures 1-1/8″ in diameter and has 26 splines on it (if I counted right). The seal surface of the yoke (larger OD) measures 1-5/8″ in diameter Installed yoke (Don’t forget your O ring and Lock tite!) Torque it down to 180 ft-lbs:
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

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