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2002 Ranger – Stinky

After selling the Cookie Cutter TJ,  it was apparent that I needed another daily driver. At the time I sold the TJ, my brother had purchased a new truck, which left him with his old truck to dispose of. Enter Stinky:
Sara L.: Build &emdash;

I’m not sure what has happened to this truck over the course of its life, but I can say that every panel has a dent on it, It smells, and it needed a clutch when I bought it. In other words, it is a perfect beater truck.

The first order of business once it came into my possession was to take care of a clutch issue.  So a clutch swap was in order, one of these things is not like the other:
Sara L.: Build &emdash;

Once the truck had a fresh clutch in it, the thing ran and drove quite well, and has working A/C to boot! So it was immediately put to work on getting things done around the house. Jobs like hauling the new flooring:
Sara L.: Build &emdash;

Hauling out the old flooring:
Sara L.: Emerald Green House &emdash;

The odd mulch run:
Sara L.: Emerald Green House &emdash;

And some firewood:
Sara L.: Misc. &emdash;

And whatever needs to be moved. It really is a shame that you can’t buy something new like this anymore for a reasonable price. Little trucks are incredibly handy to have around. We will see how long this one stays around.

Edit 10/2016…  Stinky has now moved on.

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