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Gear Review – Shining Buddy Head Lamp

I am constantly fighting with finding a good portable light source while I am out in the garage. Either I don’t have enough light, or the light I have is blinding me. After searching for a ‘flood’ type head lamp for a while, I came across a flash sale on the Shining Buddy at amazon:
Sara L.: Emerald Green Garage &emdash;

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So far, I’ve been pretty dang impressed with the thing. The light is very evenly dispersed, which was exactly what I was after in a headlamp, and the batteries seem to be lasting quite a long time as well. As an added bonus, there isn’t any extra annoying features on the thing, only High/Low/Off. No strobes, or other odd lighting choices.

So for the $7 I bought it for during the flash sale, I am very pleased!

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