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Garage Tip – Removing a 1 piece Rear Main Seal

Just a quick tip for today! One of the maintenance things I needed to get done on The Mighty Merc was to replace the severely leaking rear main seal. This can be a bit of a pain as there isn’t a good way to pop the seal out of there.

After doing a bit of reading, it turns out the Ford 5.0 guys solved this problem a while ago. Simply take a couple of wood screws, hammer them into the seal slightly, then screw them in the rest of the way.

After the screws are put in, grab a pair of pliers and gently yank on the screws by alternating pulling on either side. The seal should simply pop out after a little bit of work. No need to drop the pan and pull the bearing cap off!

Sara L.: Driveline &emdash;

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