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The Mighty Merc – Oil Filter Relocation

You run into a bit of a clearance issue when running a traditional steering box in the Gen II frame with the V8. Mainly, there isn’t any room to get a filter in its normal place as the box occupies all that space. Thankfully, there is plenty of room to get a remote filter setup in there.

You have to mix and match a few parts to make everything work as you need a 90° adapter for the block in order to clear the steering box. Here is what I used:

– Trans-Dapt Oil Filter Relocation kit Part Number TRD-1127
– Filter Bypass by Trans-Dapt Part Number TRD-1413
– Oil Filter Bung from Ford Part Number F1AZ6890B

Yank off the older adapter, and stick on the new bling, notice the tight fit in there next to the steering box. Bad picture, but there is about ¾” between the box and the filter adapter:
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

I used a piece of bar stock to mount the oil filter portion under the radiator, attaching it to the radiator bash bar I put in earlier:
Sara L.: Driveline &emdash;

Sara L.: Driveline &emdash;

So now it’s tucked up nicely out of the way, and I can still change the filter easily. Win! From there it’s just a matter of running your supplied lines to where they need to go and you’re done!

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