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The Mighty Merc – Oil Pressure Low Warning Light

I’m a bit leery of running remote oil filters, they just seem to add unnecessary risk and complication to a critical part of keeping a motor happy. I am terrified of this thing losing oil pressure while running down the highway at 2500 rpms due to a hose blowing off. So I wanted to add a little extra warning in case that scenario were to happen.

I picked up a Jegs universal low oil pressure warning light kits. The Part Number for the kit I used is 41370 which looks to be discontinued. But there are a several other flavors of them out there:
Sara L.: Driveline &emdash;

I mounted the switch on the return line from the oil filter on the remote setup. I wanted to mount it on the block side of things, but there just wasn’t room to do so:
Sara L.: Driveline &emdash;

And in place. A bit more exposed than I wanted it to be, but I think it is tucked up high enough to not cause a great concern. I’ll keep a plug on hand just in case though:
Sara L.: Phone Uploads &emdash;

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