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It’s always sad when this day arrives. That is, the day that marks the start of the end of the vacation. We loaded up the Merc after filling up on some hotel breakfast and headed north from Moab on scenic Highway 128. We made a brief stop again in Castle Valley for one last view as the sun rose.

Another spot north of Moab worth a stop is the remains of the Dewey suspension bridge. This bridge was built in 1919 and is listed on the historic register. It was the longest suspension bridge in Utah before it burned in 2008. Even mostly destroyed, it provides a scenic contrast to the red desert rock.

The kids said the bridge was broken and people needed to fix it! A fund was created to rebuild the bridge, but I’m not sure on the current status or if it will ever be repaired.

Once we reached I-70 again, it was time to burn east. The construction of the interstate through rugged Glenwood Canyon is an engineering marvel to be sure.

Since we weren’t quite ready to call vacation officially over, we decided to make one more side trip happen as we passed through Colorado. Just outside of Keystone is the short but scenic Peru Creek Trail. The good part of the trail is that it passed several old mining sites that you could easily access. The bad part was that since they were easily accessible, vandalism was starting to show up. Breaks my heart a a bit to see it happen.

It still is amazing how much remains at these old mine sites.

The King and his court Jester enjoyed playing around on the rocks at the site.

We did go all the way to the end of the trail, but most of the mining detritus had been removed during a cleanup of the area.

Eventually we could stall the end of our trip no more, so we aired up the tires one last time and continued heading back east. We stopped in Oakley, KS for the night and stayed near the only dine in Sonic restaurant I have ever seen, complete with a playground and a dog park!

The next day we drove the remaining distance back home. Farewell Colorado and Utah. We hope to see you again soon!

Day 12…

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