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10th Off Road Trip in the Mighty Merc – Flat Nasty Off-Road 1-25-20

It’s been awhile since we got the wheels off the pavement. After we got back from our 2019 trip to Colorado and Utah life just kept us hopping a bit more than usual. So when the opportunity presented itself to go play in the woods for a bit, we loaded up the family and headed out.

We ran a little over 13 miles in the park this day.. Not Bad!

After meeting up and airing down in the parking lot with some of the usual suspects, we didn’t waste any time hitting the trials. The fresh coat of snow made the whole area very pretty to say the least!

Towards the end of the day, I managed to unseat a bead on one of the tires and rearrange some sheet metal on the passenger side. Character marks I say! All in all a great day in the woods with our friends!

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