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The Mighty Merc – 11th Off Road Trip at Moonlight Racing 2/8/20

Another quick opportunity to get the wheels dirty! I’m in! The boy and I ran out to Sullivan on one cold Saturday morning to get some more “woods time” in this year.

It’s always good meeting up with old friends… and following a buggy around!

It was a very windy and chilly start to the day. The ground was very frozen in the morning, but as the day wore on, the top layer thawed out making things interesting.

As mentioned, the ground was getting pretty sloppy towards the end of our time at the park. This lead to an unfortunate incident where I blew out a passenger window after sliding into a tree. This did not make my son happy, so I wound up bailing earlier than intended as I didn’t want to make “wheeling not fun” for him.

Classing up the local DQ

$20 later poorer after a trip to the junk yard, it was all patched up good as new.

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