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Review of Flip Critts -Adventure Shoes for Two Legged Critters

Finding a good pair of sandals that feels soft yet supportive while also allowing your feet to breathe is always a challenge. In fact, an 11 year old boy named Carter was having just that problem while on a family vacation. He was trying to explore but either his flip flops were not durable enough or his foam clogs would make his feet sweat and cause blisters. This creative and inventive young man wondered if he could make a shoe that combined the best features of both flip flops and clogs while eliminating the flaws. Soon he had the plan for a new type of shoe called a Flip Critt.

We were excited when Critts contacted us about providing us new shoes in exchange for a review. Flip Critts are designed for critters of all ages in both kids and adults sizes. Even the box is cute and features their slogan about promoting “adventurability”.

The Critts shoes include a variety of features designed for comfort while remaining active. The insole is composed of supportive memory foam while the outsole is composed of easy to clean synthetic leather. The footbed is also wrapped in leather to help prevent sweating and blisters. One unique feature about Critts is the toe bar inside the sole that keeps the shoes secure on your feet, similar to a flip flop.

Critts were designed by kids for adventure, not fashion. However, they have a wide variety of colors and styles for all ages to pick a favorite combo. Each pair features cut outs for breathability in different fun shapes such as hearts, butterflies, or dinosaurs.

White dinos on the left, rainbow unicorns on the right.

So what did we think? As far as comfort, the insoles are super soft. They are much more supportive than a pair of flip flops or most sandals. The toe grip worked great for keeping the shoes secure while still being easy to slip on and off. I cannot normally wear flip flops without immediately ending up with a blister between my toes. That did not happen while wearing the Critts as the toe grip is super soft and less likely to cause friction.

The soles of the shoes are also rugged and grippy which is prefect for our adventures that often involve creek play. These are not shoes I would wear hiking, but for casual exploring they can work great.

As far as sizing, I felt they ran pretty true to size to just a tad small in length but slightly wide in width. The kids size ran just a touch small. The kids Critts are currently only available in bigger kids sizes, not toddler sizes. They have measurement charts available to find the right fit.

Interested in learning more or ordering a pair? You can find out more information and the full list of colors and styles available on the Critts site. Pre orders can be placed now and area set to ship in November. Prices start at $55. You can also follow Critts on Facebook and Instagram.

*We were provided two complimentary pairs of Critts in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own. Our full disclaimer policy can be found here.

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