1999 Mercury Mountaineer – The Mighty Merc

How it looks right now (1/25/20):

Well this project was fun and I miss it, but it was sold to a nice gentleman from WI. I hope it treats it as well as it treated us!

Project Goals
I’m shooting for a down and dirty ‘quick-ish’ build by taking the leftovers from my truck (The Lone Ranger) and jamming them under The Merc.  My family and I have been without a wheeler since 7/4/15, and we’re itching to get back out into the woods again.

At the end of the day, this thing will need to haul myself, my wife, and two kids in comfort down the road, wheel all day, and run down the road back home.  I lack the space for a trailer, so like every rig I have had in the past, this needs to be very road worthy.  This will also serve as our vacation vehicle for the westward trips we like to take.

Build version 1.0

Drive line:
– Stock 302 with 180k miles and counting
– M5OD conversion using a ’97 F150 4.2 V6 Donor transmission
– NWF 241/205 doubler (twin sticked) with a relocated VSS

– 14 Bolt SRW from an ’87 suburban left over from the truck (Link)
– Yukon Locker, 4.88’s Ruff Stuff dis brake stuff using 77k20 parts
– Modified GM 63 leaf pack

– HP D60 from a ’78 F-350 also left over from the truck (Link)
– Spartan Locker, 4.88’s, Reid Knuckles, High Steer
– Grand Wagoneer leaf pack to get me up and running cheaper (Since I already have the leaves).

– 37×13.5xr17 Cooper STT Pro on 17×8 Soft 8’s with 4.5 BS

So that’s it, overall, nothing too crazy going on, and as I said earlier, I hope to hammer this thing out as quick as I can.  Ideally, I’d like to have it derivable by Memorial day (Edit: Ha! that didn’t happen), but that might be a touch optimistic with two young kids running around.

Post Index

Drive-line Stuff:
Shaving a NP205
Building the NWF Doubler
Shifting the mess (Part 1)
Plugging the NP205
Relocated NP205 Mount
HP60 and 14 Bolt
M5OD Maintenance
5 Gear Swap and Doubler Placement
Trans/Doubler Cross Member Fun!
Shifting the Mess (Part 2)
Oil Filter relocation
Low Oil Pressure Warning Light
Fueling The Beast

Rear Setup:
Rear Leaf Mounts
Rear shocks and bump-stops

Front Setup:
Making a traditional steering box fit
Front Leaf Mounts
Steering Shaft Hacking
Power Steering Fun
Front shocks and bump stops

Front Winch Bumper
Rock Sliders

Intro-Boring Background
Moving the VSS and Tone Ring Math
Leaf Spring Refresh
Removing the IFS
Brakes / Parking Brake
Rear Cargo Platform
Crossing the 1,000 mile mark
My How we’ve grown up
Rear Quater Glass Replacement
Front Locker Woes
Tablet Mount
DVD player Mount
Overdue Refresh

1st ORT at Flat Nasty NYE 2016
2nd ORT at Flat Nasty 5/20/17
3rd ORT at Flat Nasty 8/12/17
1st Colorado Trip 9/2017
4th ORT at SMORR 10/17/17
– 5th ORT (sorry, no report!)
6th ORT at Flat Nasty 2/10/18
7th ORT at Flat Nasty 7/28/18
2nd Colorado Trip 9/2018
8th ORT at Flat Nasty 12/2018
9th ORT at the Badlands 4/6/19
3rd Colorado Trip 9/2019
10th ORT at Flat Nasty 1/25/20
11th ORT at Moonlight Racing 2/8/20
On to it’s next home..


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