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    Explore Turquoise Waters and History at Maramec Spring Park

    Missouri is known for having an abundance of beautiful natural springs. One of these springs can be viewed 90 minutes west of St. Louis at Maramec Spring Park. An area of stunning beauty, the park contains the fifth largest spring in the state. An average of 100 million gallons of water flows from the spring daily into a pool of deep blue water. After being told of the spring and iron deposits in the area by local Native Americans, Thomas…

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    Follow the Tracks at Al Foster Memorial Trail

    One of the more scenic and easily accessible trails of the Meramec River Valley can be found by following the Al Foster Trail in Wildwood, Missouri. The trail was developed through a partnership between the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation, Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Wildwood. Named in honor of Al Foster, a 20th-century journalist and nature photographer, the 8′ wide crushed stone is very popular with both walkers and…

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    Follow the Steps of the Giants on the Giant City Nature Trail

    Giant City State Park is one of the best state parks in all of Illinois. While there are many trails to explore at this popular park, the Giant City Nature Trail is a great choice for all ages. The trail is named for that fact that the towering rock walls look like a street made for giants. This one mile loop packs in the scenery as you walk the rugged streets of the giants.