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    Family Fun in South Haven, Michigan: What to See, Do, and Eat with Kids

    If you are in the Midwest, a fantastic beach vacation can be found within a days drive to one of Michigan’s beach towns. We return year after year for a short beach trip to one of these charming destinations along Lake Michigan. I recently posted here about all about the wonderful family activities in St. Joseph, Michigan. Just 30 minutes north of St. Joseph and a 6 hour drive from our home base near St. Louis is the lakeside escape…

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    Family Fun in St. Joseph, Michigan – What to See, Do, and Eat with Kids

    One of the destinations I get asked about the most is our yearly trip to St. Joseph, Michigan. From St. Louis, it is less than a 5.5 hour drive to this amazing family friendly vacation spot. Since we are already up north in Chicago at least once a year to visit family, it is easy for us to tack on a couple more days for a mini beach getaway. St, Joseph features so many beautiful beaches, great food, and numerous…

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    Michigan 2014

    After life became a bit more stable since the addition of our first born son, we decided to run up to Michigan for a short vacation. This was our first long ‘family’ trip out and I was impressed at how much stuff a kid needs to travel with. This is only half of the stuff that was crammed into the Merc, thus killing my dreams of a 2 door build: We bunked up with the Grandparents at a nice little…

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    Michigan 2016 – Part 3

    On the last part of our trip, we stumbled upon this neat park with a decent view: But more importantly, it had a MASSIVE playground to let the boy get some wiggles out before getting cooped up in the car for several hours: I just hung out with this cutie while Mom and Son were running around: So we said goodbye to Michigan for another year, and we look forward to another trip in the future! Back to Trips….

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    Michigan 2016 – Part 2

    The next day started out the same as the first with breakfast at the Never Miss Café again. After filling up, we headed up to St Joseph to spend some time in the Sliver Beach Area. We played around on the restored carousel: