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    2011 WY/MT Trip – Day 10

    Mondays Suck You know the saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck”? Well that appears to apply well to me. We jumped in the truck this morning and I was happy to find that the clutch had healed itself overnight. So we topped off the tank and hit the road for our last 12 hour stretch which would have put us home at 5 ish. At about 60 miles into the trip, in the middle…

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    2011 WY/MT Trip – Day 9

    Today we wound our way by Mt Rushmore, and through the Badlands of SD. Travel: On the way to Mt Rushmore: Mt. Rushmore: Of course, we had to stop by Wall Drug on the way (worth the stop if you’re going by): Badlands: And now we’re here in Oacoma SD, which is about 12 more hours from home. True to the nature of the beast, the truck is trying to break again. When I pulled off the interstate and pushed…

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    2011 WY/MT Trip – Day 8

    Today we two-laned it from East Glacier to Billings MT, and then rode the interstates to Custer SD. About 12 hours total of windshield time today. Heading out to Glacier to Billings: We stopped at this greasy spoon for lunch, it was some fine eat’n! Saw this Cat cruising around Billings: Billings to SD: And crossing into SD: That’s all for today! On to Day 9

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    2011 WY/MT Trip – Day 7

    Today we grabbed a rental car as we had planned on heading up to Canada to look around Waterton. The wife was worried that customs might not care for the truck too much, so whatever. It didn’t hurt that the econo box we rented pulled off 40 mpg, which is a bit better than the 15 ish I’ve been getting with the truck. So we covered 200 miles today: Our first stop of the day had us going back into…

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    2011 WY/MT Trip – Day 6

    Today was a day of our longest (well, steepest anyway) hike. That being, the hike to Grinnell Glacier off of Many Glaciers Road. Daily Travel: Cruising into the park: We did wind up cheating a little bit on the hike. You can either walk the extra distance around the lakes, or you can take a couple of boat rides to get to the trail head. Since we knew our hike was 4.2 miles each way (and 1,569ft of elevation gain)…