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Saying goodbye to the Cookie Cutter TJ

So the day has come where the Cookie Cutter TJ was sent down the road. I was at a bit of a crossroads where If I kept going down the road I was one, the TJ was going to get fairly built. This would have destroyed whatever value that it had as there isn’t much of a market for “Built” 4x4s. Also, with another kid on the way, the thing was just too small for us to load up and take off like we tended to do.

So it got cleaned up:
Sara L.: Build and Misc. &emdash;

Sara L.: Build and Misc. &emdash;

And sold. While it wasn’t really practical, and it was just a ‘dumb Jeep’, I kind of miss it still, and hope to have another someday. Probably an older version though:
Sara L.: 3rd ORT JJ Flat Nasty 5-2-15 &emdash;

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