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The Lone Ranger – 2,000 mile update

Not exactly an exciting update, but I’ve passed the 2k mile mark here recently, and nothing’s killed me yet. The truck has been playing DD while I did the clutch on my Mustang, so the miles got racked up on it. Over all, I’m very happy with how its working on road. Some Hit and misses:

– The brakes are friggin awesome
– The track bar makes it much nicer to drive
– It makes me giggle to be sitting in traffic in my ‘wheeler’ with the A/C on while I watch other motorist sweat.
– The stinger is a good threatening device

– Heims are making noise (still tight though) so I’ll swap them out for TRE’s after my next wheeling trip (7/30/11)
– While the 4:10’s get the job done, it could really benefit from deeper gearing. Taking off on a hill is a bit annoying.
– 14.6 mpg’s regardless of how I drive it. Pretty decent for what it is, but that starts to add up with my commute.
– I ran it across a scale last night, it looks like I overshot my target weight by a bit. With ~17 gallons of fuel, and the spare in the back this pig weights in at 5,300 lbs. I’m going to guess ‘trail ready’ it’ll weigh in closer to 5,500-5,700 lbs. So much for keeping it under 5k…

In other news, I swapped out my t case motor for another, so now I’ve got 4wd again. I’d still like to ditch the electric case, but for now its serving its purpose. At this point, I’m ready to go out and play again so I’m really looking forward to the end of the month!

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