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The Lone Ranger – 30,000 mile update

The truck really hasn’t had any major changes since Nov of 2011 when I swapped in the front D60. So I figured it was about time to do a bit more or a long term update. At this point, I have put 30,000 miles on this thing since the initial build back in early 2011. So I’ve been putting miles on it at roughly the 15,000 miles/year mark which is cool. I wasn’t lying when I stated that my wheeler tends to see quite a few road miles

For the past month, the truck has been pulling DD duties as I had sold my little race car and looked for something else to drive. During that time it has performed flawlessly banging it back and forth to work, and all the other little driving I tend to do. It still pulling down 13.5-14.5 mpg’s on average with the A/C blasting.

The ‘new’ tires that I’ve been rocking (Old style MTR’s) have been pretty damn awesome compared to the last set of .mil takeoffs I was running. I’ll post an update on those in a day or so.

The only negative thing I can really say about the truck is that I’m not completely happy with the steering. It isn’t bad enough that I feel like doing anything about it, it’s just vaguer than I wish it was. I’m starting to think that’s just the nature of the kingpin setup with using the springless arms.

While we’re on the topic of steering, I haven’t really found the need for hydro assist. Sure there are times when things get bound up and I can’t turn, but usually I can just pop the clutch a little bit and things will unlock enough for me to turn.

The rest of the truck just works. Every time I think about changing something around I wind up losing motivation to do it. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I suppose applies here as I’d rather spend my free time in the woods at this point rather than tearing the truck down to peter with it.

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