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Garage Tips – No Longer Sweating To Death

The garage is actually pretty well insulated, which makes it easy to heat in the winter, and makes it a roaster in the summer. For the longest time I would just ‘sweat it out’ when things got warm and left the main door open as needed. For whatever reason, mosquitos have gotten to be unbearable around our place. So leaving the main door open to the garage was an invitation to getting all of my blood removed via mosquito bites.

That little issue meant that there were many days where I would work out there in 90+ temperatures with the door closed. Good for dropping water weight in a hurry, but not so much on helping with productivity.

So after doing the math and finding out that a 6,400 BTU unit would only cost $0.12/hr to run, I bit the bullet and picked this guy up:
Sara L.: Emerald Green Garage &emdash;

Going by the math, I need something closer to 8,000 BTU’s to cool the space that I am working in (360 sqft roughly). So 6,400 isn’t quite enough, but all I’m really asking it to do is knock the humidity back some and halfway cool the area of the garage I’m usually working in (in the front of the car, and under the car).
Sara L.: Emerald Green Garage &emdash;

So far I’m am impressed at how well this little guy does. I can pull a hot car into the garage on a 90°F day and be pretty comfortable. Granted, I’m not putting a parka on to stay warm with it running, but I am keeping cool enough that productivity
levels are staying high! Money well spent!

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