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The Mighty Merc –Leaf Spring Refresh

Now that the IFS has been hacked out of the way, it is time to do a little freshening up the leaf springs that I plan to use. While not an exciting post, I did have some issues finding the right bushings for the springs I was planning on using.

For the rear, I am using GM 63” leafs from a 2000 GM 1500 2wd truck. Oddly enough, this GM leaf pack wound up being the same build from my bastard pack in the The Lone Ranger.

I did wind up pulling out the AAL’s from them for the time being, they might wind up going back in at a later time. I wound up using Dayton bushings RB172 for this pack, which is not the same bushing that you use on the older GM 63” leaf packs.

For the front leafs, I am using the same ones from The Lone Ranger as well . They are Crown S-4525 leafs which are stock height replacement leaf packs for a Grand Wagoneer. Finding replacement bushings wound up being a bit of a pain, but for the large bushing, Mcquay-Norris part number SK6539 works, and for the smaller front bushings either Moog SB319 or TRW B323 work just fine.

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