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Waterfalls Views at Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista, Arkansas

Since we have family in northwest Arkansas, we make the trek to this region several times a year. Each trip we try to explore a different attraction. One of the highlights of our latest trip to the Natural State is the hidden gem of Tanyard Creek. The Tanyard Creek Nature Trail is located in Bella Vista, not far from the Missouri border. This beautiful trail was built by volunteers and donations to create a stunning slice of nature right in the middle of town.

The hike itself starts as a paved trail near the restrooms and a pavilion. There is a small loop if you want to stick to the paved trail only. Soon you will arrive at a trail sign. I recommend snapping a photo with your phone of the trail map as there are few other trail markers or signs.

The park features a total of two miles of trails. All of the trails are fairly easy and follow along a picturesque creek. If the waterfall is your main destination, the quickest route is to continue straight past the sign and then take a left after crossing a wooden bridge.

There are signs that point to either the waterfall or the rapids. Both are worth viewing. We headed off to the rapids first and found a bird friend. Can you find him in the picture below?

There had been so much rainfall recently that the falls and rapids were flowing very swiftly. The kids loved throwing rocks in the water and the rapids area could also make a nice place to wade in the summer if the flow isn’t too high or fast.

After we had our fill of the rapids view, we headed back to the main trail to reach the waterfall viewpoint. The viewpoint has a fence around it which made it safer for the kids but more difficult to get a good angle for photography.

We spent a little more time wandering around some of the other trails which cross several more bridges, pass next to a cave, and even pass by an old home site.

If you are ever in the area, this trail is a must see for all hiking skill levels. More info and directions to the trail head can be found HERE.

Happy hiking!

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