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    Oh Canada! 2013 Trip – Tuesday’s Gone Again

    Not much happened on this day as it was just a travel day for us. Since Highway 1 was still closed due to washed out bridges, our 1.5 hour trip back to Calgary turned into a 5.5 hour round about trip back across unknown roads to get us to the airport. We managed to make there with plenty of time to spare, where we dropped of our very dirty adventure mobile for this trip. The mighty Toyota Camry who’s only…

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    Oh Canada! 2013 Trip – Monday!

    Monday morning we were thwarted every which way we turned to try to get to see some good sunrise photos. The roads (and most of the town) of Banff were still heavily flooded which cut off our likely paths of travel to the good view points. But we made the best of it, the sleep town of Banff down below:

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    Oh Canada! 2013 Trip – Finally Dry Friday

    We woke up early to catch the sunrise, and much to our surprise, it was actually dry! We headed out to Mosquito…errr.. Pyramid Island to grab some sunrise photos. By the way, sunset is 10:30 (stays light until 11:15 ish) and sunrise is 5:30 (gets light around 4:45):