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    Colorado 2018 – Granby area in the Mighty Merc. – Day 3

    Today was the day. The boy has been talking about “Riding the Train in Colorado” at the Georgetown Loop. He was doing research of sorts by watching Thomas, Polar Express, and any other train movie/show he can non-stop. To say that he was a ball of excited energy was an understatement! We started out by having breakfast at Sharky’s Eatery in Fraser CO. We wound up here more of than not for breakfast since they opened early and were pretty…

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    Colorado 2018 – Granby area in the Mighty Merc. – Day 2

    The next day we woke up (or I should say the kids woke us up) nice and early. We headed out to the Grand Lake area to grab some breakfast and watch the sun come up: There was a parking lot full of fun next to the breakfast joint, we would bump into this group off and on throughout the weekend and get the pleasure of hearing them rip up and down the mountainside: For whatever reason, the altitude hit…

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    Colorado 2018 – Granby area in the Mighty Merc – Day 1

    In the midst of building a house we were gifted with some free lodging in Granby, Colorado from my fantastic in-laws. So we got to have an impromptu vacation out west this year when we weren’t expecting to have one at all. Awesome. The Merc got a quick once over (bath and fluid change) and I ignored all the wore out things that I was hoping to get around to fixing prior to heading west again: While it seemed like…

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    The Mighty Merc – Front Locker Woes

    Bit of a chicken or the egg situation I had going on with my front Spartan Locker. I’m not entirely sure what failed first, but, lots of stuff broke… kind of. This issue was a bit of a pain to track down an started on our last CO nearly a year ago, and was slowly getting worse. Everything would check fine when it was cold, but after being on the trail for a bit, the front locker would start acting…

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    The Mighty Merc – 7th ORT – Flat Nasty Off Road 7-28-18

    Now that construction is complete on the new place (well.. mostly) we felt well overdue for a trip to the woods. A friend picked a weekend at Flat Nasty, so we loaded up and rolled out. The kids were very excited to get to the park as ever since we had mentioned “Going to the Woods” a few days prior, they kept asking if it was time to go yet: