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The Lone Ranger – Diff armor on the Cheap

Being the cheapskate that I am, I opted not to buy some fancy diff covers. Instead, I reinforced the stockers that came on the axles.

The stock D60 cover that came on the ’99 E350 (Left side) measures at 0.130″ thick
The stock D44 Cover that comes on the ’78 F250 (Right Side) measures at 0.170″ thick
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

Since both covers are pretty dang thick, I felt that they only need a little protection around the ring gear portion of the covers. So I cleaned up the covers with a wire wheel:
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

And added some ¼” x 2 “steel to the ring gear area:
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

I might add more steel later on, but I’ve got a feeling that these will work just fine for the wheeling I do. If I add more to them, I’ll update this post. (Edit: They were fine)

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