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Explore the Devil’s Honeycomb on Hughes Mountain Natural Area in Potosi, MO

This hike is one of Missouri’s most unique. When I post photos from this spot online, people are often surprised to learn that such a place exists in Missouri. Now you can know about the unusual landscape and beautiful views from this easy and kid friendly hike.

The trail’s main feature is the rock formation at the top known as Devil’s Honeycomb. The landscape was created as molten rock cracked and cooled. This same type of rock is what makes up Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. A trail approximately a mile long makes a steady climb to the top through woods and around rocks.

Once you break through the trees to the glade and rock area, there is plenty to climb and explore. You might even be lucky to spot a lizard hiding between the rocks.

This spot is perfect for kids who love to climb rocks. Just be cautious of the drop offs in a few areas.

The top offers a panoramic view of the countryside. This is a great spot to gaze at fall color as well.

After you’ve had your fill of picture taking and exploring, head back down the trail the same way you came up. Then show off your photos and have everyone try to guess where you were.

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