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The Lone Ranger – 60/14 Bolt swap – Rear Shock Mounting V2.0

Since I had the bed off to work on the exo, I took a look at the rear upper shock mounts. It turns out some dummy didn’t really set them up right, so with a load on the back of the truck , the shocks were acting as the bump stops (D’oh!). With the truck sitting static, I had about 2″ of shock up travel left (They were mounted vertical) . The problem is my bump stops allowed for 4″ of up travel.

As luck would have it, the Torchmate at work needed some maintenance, so I cut a few ‘test pieces’ while I was working on it.
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

Here’s the old setup:
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

Hacked those mounts off and slapped on the new ones:
Sara L.: Build and Misc &emdash;

The new mounts leaned the shock forward about 2″ more, and moved the mounting hole up about 1.5″. I now have about 3.75″ of shock shaft showing. If my trig is right, I shouldn’t have to worry about the shocks acting as the bump stops anymore.

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